Energy Saving Doors

doorsMany businesses are actively looking at ways to reduce CO2 emmisions and lower their carbon footprint with the added advantage of saving money on energy bills.


Refrigerated cabinets have always presented a dilemma due to their open construction for access and product visualisation. The downside is that loss of temperature is constant throughout the opening hours of the store with night blinds utilised to minimise the loss at other times.

A simple solution is to install Eis-kalt clear glazed doors to refrigerated cabinets to minimise temperature loss at all times.

Contemporary, minimalist hinges and clear doors do not impair the appearance of the merchandised products. The doors can be opened up to 180º with automatic closing when the door is opened less than 25º.

Independent studies by a major supermarket chain were undertaken before and after the energy saving doors were fitted to assess the cost saving. The results showed up to 40% reduction in refrigeration running costs and positive customer and staff feedback.


“Eis-kalt Energy Saving Doors” are an ECA Approved Product

As awareness and concern for the environment increases, as well as a desire to minimise running costs, Eis-kalt (UK) Ltd have further developed our product range to ensure that energy efficiency is maximised.

To support this and provide benefit to our customers, Eis-kalt have recently gained approval of our “Energy Saving Doors” which are now included on the ECA list from February 2011. The Government run ECA scheme enables customers to reclaim 100% of their tax allowance against their first year’s tax bill.

For more information please refer to the ECA web site


  • Cost Savings
    the study showed that energy savings of approximately 40% could be achieved by fitting the doors. To maximise this saving the equipment is cleaned and re-calibrated as part of our service provided.
  • Store Sales
    No detrimental effects on sales where experienced, (evaluated over an extended period).
  • Customer & Staff Feed-back
    Positive and complimentary feed-back was received from both customers and staff. In summary customers are not put off by the inclusion of doors, nor did it effect their shopping experience. Most responding favourably towards businesses displaying a positive commitment on energy saving.


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